When you get on a bike, you can count on the DMV to have the perfect license plate: The DMV

The Washington State Department of Motor Vehicles has issued more than 1,500,000 personalized plate plates to motorized bicycles in the last five years, according to state data released Wednesday.

The new number shows that more than 80 percent of the plates are assigned to people who ride their bicycles, and nearly half of the owners are from the District of Columbia, the state said in a press release.

The state also issued 1,543,611 personalized plates to pedestrians and motorized scooters in 2016.

In addition, about 7,500 personalized plates were issued to bicyclists in the District and Maryland in 2015, and 5,000 to pedestrians in 2015.

Motorized bicycles accounted for about one-fifth of all motorized vehicles registered in Washington, according the release.

“I think the plates help people see the world through a different lens,” said Mark M. Davis, director of the Department of Transportation.

“The license plate is just a way to communicate who you are, what you are doing, and what you care about.”

Motorized bicycle owners can request personalized plates from the state’s Motor Vehicle Division, which works with the DMV on issuing the plates.

The department said the plates will be available to anyone who meets certain requirements, such as a valid driver’s license and insurance card.