What’s the deal with bike helmets?

A new helmet policy could be a boon for kids, who often ride to school alone.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that children and young adults are nearly six times more likely to be injured by a bicycle than a car.

While it’s not known how much bicycle helmets are used in the US, according to a new study, it’s estimated that nearly three-quarters of cyclists in the country are either wearing them or carrying them.

What’s more, children ages five to 14 account for one-fifth of all crashes involving bikes.

The CDC report also says that cycling is one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities, with more than 13,000 cyclists killed in 2014.

And while the US is the biggest bicycle market in the world, there are many countries where bicycles aren’t legal.

That’s because of different national laws, or lack thereof, or a lack of regulation.

One country that does have laws on the books is the US.

There, children aged six to 17 are exempt from the helmet law.

This means that parents can choose to get their children off the bike for as long as they want.

But some people have questions about the practice of getting children off their bikes.

So we asked bike helmet expert and author, author of The Bicycle Manifesto, Dr. Susan O’Brien.

Here’s what she had to say.

Q: How many children are getting helmets?

A: Children are allowed to get helmets for up to 12 years, but the rules are very strict.

Parents must notify the police of any helmet use, and parents can get a second opinion after they’ve taken their child off the bicycle.

In order to get a helmet, a parent must have a medical reason for wanting to wear a helmet and must have taken a bike safety class.

The CPSC says that most kids wear helmets for the first time when they’re six, but there are exceptions.

For instance, children who have never ridden a bike before, or who have a history of accidents, or children who are under age 16, must also take a bike helmet class.

Parents who do not take their children to the school with a helmet will face a fine of up to $200.


Is the helmet required?


Yes, all kids have to wear one when they get their first bike helmet.

But parents must get a health check-up after the first year, as well as an annual physical examination.

Parents are also required to have a bike instructor present at all times when they ride a bike, and if they have a bicycle safety class, they must wear the helmet at all time.

Parents also have to get permission from the school’s safety officer to ride a bicycle without helmets.

Q, Is it OK for kids to ride without helmets?

What are the risks of wearing a helmet?

A, The CPS Cures is not the only helmet policy in the United States.

There are several policies that address helmet use.

Parents may choose to wear helmets with a parent or guardian present, but they are also allowed to use the helmet as they see fit.

There is also a parent- and child-only program, the American Helmet Association, which aims to reduce the number of helmets worn by kids.

The American Association of Pediatrics says that parents and kids should be aware of the safety precautions that they are taking.

For example, kids who have suffered head injuries or a concussion may want to wear protective headgear.

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