‘The Biggest City In The World’ Bike Show Announces Bicycles for its 2018 Bike Show

The bike show has unveiled its 2018 lineup of bikes, featuring bikes from leading brands such as Shimano, Trek, and Trek Factory.

Bikes are set to be showcased from May 15-22, with more bikes on the way for 2019.

In 2018, the show unveiled the Bicyclist Bike, which is a sleek, stylish folding bicycle that offers a range of different features including an integrated water bottle holder and a water bottle rack.

The new Bicycle Bike is a true ‘bike-to-bike’ bike, with a seat and a folding frame that fold away to make it a convenient transport option for those who prefer their bikes to be more compact.

The Bicycling Bike is set to make its debut at the 2019 Bike Show in Cork on May 15.

Bike Show Ireland, the company responsible for the event, announced that all participants in the show will receive a Bicycler Bike. 

“Our goal is to celebrate the best in bike-building, from the humble bicycle to the world-class bicycle,” said Eoin Brouns, chairman of the Bikes for Ireland board.

“We hope that this year’s Bikes For Ireland show will give everyone the chance to build their own Bicyculist Bike for their next trip.

We will also be showcasing a range and range of bikes from our global partner Shimano and Trek.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.”

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