Roadmaster Bicycle has a ‘big’ bike in the middle

Roadmaster has a “big” bike in its new “roadmaster bike” line of bikes, and it’s a bit of a departure from the company’s previous offerings.

“The Roadmaster is a big bike in terms of weight,” says Marc Toussaint, vice-president of product marketing and brand management for the company.

“But we wanted to make it the best bike for the road.

So the bike’s got a longer head tube and more height.

And the seat is slightly wider and wider than a road bike.”

Toussaints says the company is making “a big effort” to reduce the size of the bike in order to “make it the safest bike for road use.”

“It’s not an ultralight bike,” he says.

“It’s a bike that can handle the heaviest traffic on the road.”

But, for now, the roadmaster bike is still a big, heavy bike that’s about the size, weight and height of a road bicycle.

The company is launching a limited-edition Roadmaster Bicycles at the end of May.

The bike is a two-seat, aluminum-framed, road-going model with a 27-inch head tube.

It weighs about 3,000 kilograms (7,400 pounds).

The company’s new “Roadmaster” line includes road-racing bikes, road cycling bikes, cyclocross bikes and a cyclocam-equipped version of the road bike, the Roadmaster BMX.

It’s available in four models.

The Roadmaster Cyclocross model, available in both aluminum and carbon fiber, is the most affordable option, at $4,995.

The bike also comes in a two seat option, which is $2,995 and the Cyclocamp version is $3,995, depending on the model.

The Roadmasters road bike comes in two sizes: 26 and 29-inch.

The company also has a cyclo-cross bike, which, like the road bikes, comes in four sizes: 27.5-inch, 27.7-inch and 29.9-inch road bikes.

The Cyclocamps are priced at $3.95 each and the Roadmasters Cyclocars at $5.95, respectively.

The Cyclocam is a road-running bike with a range of 27.8-inch to 29.4-inch wheels, but the road-bike version is not compatible with the new road-racers.

The bikes have a carbon frame, but it doesn’t have any carbon-fiber parts.

The frame also has rubber grips.

The roadmaster bicycle is not a road race bike.

It’s meant to be used on the street.

It has a range, Tousstans says, of up to 50 kilometers per hour on a single tire, and can go at speeds up to 25 kilometers per day.

Tousstaints says that’s a big improvement over the Cyclos bikes, which only go at around 15 kilometers per time.

“The Cyclos is the best in terms, the longest bike,” Tousssants says.

The new Roadmaster bike will be on display at the Toronto International Auto Show, starting March 23.