Raleigh bicycle repair stand sells $20K of bikes for $10,000

Raleigh, North Carolina—A Raleigh bicycle shop is selling a dozen new bicycles for a total of $20,000, including a full frame Raleigh bike.

The bike shop, Bicycle Inc., which specializes in bicycle repairs, said in a statement on Tuesday it’s selling the new bikes at its Raleigh repair shop for a low price.

The bikes are being sold to people with existing bicycle insurance and will be delivered to customers’ homes.

The shop is one of several Raleigh-area bike shops to offer a range of bikes that offer various types of performance.

The Raleigh-based bike shop sells bikes from brands such as Shimano, Shimano Tiagra, and Raleigh’s own Shimano.

The bicycle repair store also sells other accessories such as helmets and saddle bags.