Indian bike clubs hit with fines for not installing bombastic signs in Mumbai

Mumbai, India (AP) Indian bicycle clubs and motorcycle riders say the city government is imposing fines on them for not having the bombastic sign that is banned in many parts of the country.

The signs are posted along major highways and some cities, and in major tourist spots, like Pune, Mumbai and Pune-Nagpur, where the city is located.

In January, the Maharashtra government passed a law that will require the signs to be posted at a height of 5 feet, 10 inches.

Bicycles and motorbikes are banned on roads that lead to busy areas, and most other vehicles have to stop for a while before crossing a highway.

The signs, called “bicycle fenders” by some riders, are posted to the front of the bike or motorbike, and are usually visible for a few seconds.

But bike clubs and motorbike riders say they have been fined in recent weeks for not posting the signs, which often get several thousand views on YouTube.

Mumbai City Council said in a statement it will not enforce the new law and that it is concerned about the safety of citizens.

It did not provide a reason for the fine or the city’s plans to enforce it.

“It is not a violation to post the signs but there are certain issues that must be addressed before we can put the signs in place.

We have been instructed to monitor the situation and respond to the concerns raised by bike clubs,” the council said.

In the past, bike clubs have also complained about the signage that are posted on motorbikers’ vehicles, including ones that include a sign that says, “A bicycle is a bike.”

Motorbike riders complain that the signs are not visible and often get many hundreds of views.

“If the sign is not posted, there is no point of the meeting,” said a motorcycle rider in Pune.

Last year, the city imposed fines on two motorcycle clubs, one for not displaying the sign and the other for not showing it at all, but it is unclear how much the fines will be.

In January, bike club members in Parel said they had been fined $1,500 for not putting the sign up, but the council did not make the fines public.

Motorbike riders also complain that they get hundreds of thousands of views on videos of them riding, often showing them riding in circles.