How to use a bike handlebar to keep your hands free

Bike handlebars are the ideal way to safely transport your bike and carry it around, but they also make for an incredibly useful and versatile accessory for your backpack.

Here are five simple ways you can use a handlebar as a carry-on or for your daily carry.


Keep your bike at arm’s length and handlebars in view of the rider’s head.

You can make this an everyday necessity.

While some riders use handlebars as a tool to carry their bike around the house, others simply use them to adjust the height of their handlebars to help you get your balance in a straight line.

Just be sure to use your arms when you’re in motion, not when you aren’t.


Fold the handlebar in half and position it in front of you.

This simple technique can help keep the handlebars straight in the event of an emergency.


Wrap the handleBar with a tape measure or a spare tube.

It will make your job a lot easier.


Pull the handle bar over your shoulders and place it on a flat surface.

This will help you keep your shoulders from moving and also help keep your arms straight.


Secure the handle with a piece of duct tape and place a lock or a piece over the handle.

It won’t look very good, but you’ll be sure that the handle stays securely in place.


Using a handleBar for transportYou can use the handle to hold your bike on wheels and help you safely move it around the office.

To make this easier, use a regular bicycle handlebar.

It can be used to hold a bike in your back pocket, or it can be placed flat on your back.

Once you have your handlebars up, you can quickly attach the handle for transportation.3b.

Using the handle in the saddlebagIt’s a great idea to use the bike handlebars for transport in a saddlebag.

It’s a nice way to carry your bike without the hassle of having to keep it locked in a bag.

This is a great way to get your bike to a destination faster and keep it at arm´s length while you’re travelling.

To do this, you’ll need to use two pieces of bicycle handlebars.1.

Fold one of the handles into thirds and attach it to a bicycle saddlebag using a small, sturdy tube.2.

Place the other handlebar on the back of the saddlebags, and secure the handle and tube with duct tape.


Using your handle in your pocketHow many bikes do you own?

It’s important to remember that the number of bikes you own is not the same as the number you need to transport safely.

A bike can be safely packed with your essentials, but if you’re transporting large quantities of items, you may need to consider whether you want to carry it in your own personal or business backpack.

So, before you buy a bike, consider whether the bike is right for you.

Here’s what you should consider before you get started.

How do I know if a bike is a good choice?

Most people think of a bicycle as a bicycle that’s been specially designed to carry loads of weight.

But it can also be used for other things.

If you need a bike to transport your personal items, then a bicycle is an excellent option.

A bicycle can also make a great messenger bag, if you need it.

And, of course, you could always use a bicycle for a variety of other purposes.

For example, if your main goal is to take your child for a ride, a bicycle with a handle bar can be a great addition to the bike basket or the bike rack.

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