How to spot a bike thief

Bike thieves often use bicycles to conceal their identities.

But when the bike is stolen and it’s not the thief, there’s a good chance it’s the bicycle mount, a device that allows thieves to attach a helmet to a bicycle, and then turn the helmet on their victim.

This is especially common in urban areas, where the bike rack is a common sight.

The bicycle mount was developed by an Italian company called Sibike, which makes bicycle mounts that are designed to protect bicycles.

It was designed to be a very small device that attaches to a bike, but is very durable and strong.

The mount is a relatively inexpensive accessory.

Sibikes website says the mount can withstand a high speed crash, but also can be used to protect other objects in a bicycle.

So, if you find yourself in a bike accident, you can attach the bike mount to your helmet and turn on your helmet.

However, if the bike you’re riding is not the one you’re after, there are several other ways to protect your bike.

Sirotti says if you want to use a bicycle mount to protect a bicycle that has been stolen, it should only be used if it is not attached to the bike and is secured with a bicycle lock.

It is also important to keep in mind that bicycles are designed for use in a very narrow area, so they can be very easily removed and reattached.

There are plenty of options on the market for bicycle helmets, including Sirottis, but there are other options that can be more effective.

Bicycle thieves can use the bike helmet as a shield to hide their bike, which can then be used as a weapon.

If you’ve got a bike that has just been stolen and you’re in a pinch, there is a good possibility you could be using it to hide a bicycle helmet.

If the bike has been taken and you need to find your stolen bike, you might want to consider adding a bicycle to your lock box.

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