How to install a bicycle rear lock on a bike without using a wrench

A bicycle lock is one of the most useful tools for locking down a bike and keeping your belongings safe.

The bike lock is made of a metal bar and is attached to a wheel that is connected to the handlebar with a lock.

The lock is placed in a slot in the handlebars that is wide enough to hold a bicycle.

It can be removed and used again.

Here’s how to install it on your bike.


Set up the bike rack in your house or apartment.

Put the bike lock bar on the rack and secure it with two screws.

Put your bicycle into the lock.


Pull the bike back with the locking screw and place it in the rack.


Secure the lock with a metal screw.


Remove the lock from the rack by loosening the screw on the locking bar.


Secure it with another metal screw and then secure it to the bike by securing the locking bolt with the lock bar.6.

Pull your bicycle back with a locking screw.

Secure your bike again.