Bob’s bikes review: Bob’s has got some amazing machines, but what’s it worth?

FourFourtwo readers comment: As you may know Bob’s is one of the most successful brands in the world.

And they are one of those brands that will do anything for their customers.

But as a company that is a little bit more cautious in their business, they decided to put their focus on producing bikes that are more affordable than ever.

The Bob’s R3 is an interesting bike for the price.

Its just $3,500 USD for the frame and fork alone, but if you get it pre-owned you can get it for only $1,500.

As with most of the Bob’s products, the R3 has a carbon fibre frame that is both lightweight and durable.

It has a custom fork, and an aluminum hub.

There are also some very nice features in the frame, like a seatpost and stem that can be attached with a snap.

And because the frame is carbon fibre, it’s able to be made to last even longer.

And the brakes are pretty good, too.

I’ve seen bikes with carbon brakes that have been used by many riders who have been riding for years, and they all seem to have a bit of a soft spot for carbon, because of course it makes things a little easier to adjust and has a smoother feel.

I also really like the way the seatpost is angled and how it sits just under the saddle.

Finally, the frame comes with a Shimano 105-speed drivetrain that can easily be upgraded for a bigger, faster drivetrain.

And since you get a custom hub and fork for the base model, you can also upgrade to the Shimano XT drivetrain for a better, more comfortable ride.

It’s not just about the bike itself, either.

You get a seat, pedals, fork, seatpost, and a rack.

So if you want a carbon frame that will last a long time and won’t cost you a lot of money, you’re going to love this one. Read more