Bike shop owner says she’s been told she can’t sell new bikes at a time when the city is struggling

An Adelaide bike shop owner has spoken out after being told by city staff that her new bikes can’t be sold in the city at a moment when there are shortages of parts.

Key points:Sophie Johnson, who runs the Cycle Club in Marrickville, says she is being told she cannot sell bikes at the moment due to a shortage of partsShe has been told the decision has “stigmatised” her business and is “just a way of keeping the industry going”The City of Adelaide has told her she must not sell bikes because of a shortage in parts.

Sophy Johnson, an experienced bike shop operator, says the city has been stigmatised by its decision to “sell bikes at its own pace”.

“We’re going to be out there with a couple of bikes, and we’ll be out and about, and I’m not going to take a risk,” Ms Johnson said.

“It’s stigmatising.””

Ms Johnson said she is having to use a special “specialisation” in order to sell her bikes.””

It’s stigmatising.”

Ms Johnson said she is having to use a special “specialisation” in order to sell her bikes.

“I’m not a professional bike shop, so I don’t have the experience, but I’m working with a specialist in parts, and the specialist in the bike parts business,” she said.

She said that’s caused her business to lose out on around $30,000 a year, and she was told the city’s decision had “stigmaised” and put her business out of business.

“It’s been a very stressful situation,” Ms Jackson said.

Ms Johnson says she has been warned that if she did not sell her bike, she would lose her business.

“The problem is that it’s not a matter of just me,” she told