Bicycles: Size chart for bike sizes in Australia

Bicyclists in Australia should consider buying a bigger bike, according to a report.

Bob’s Bikes Australia has issued advice to owners of a range of bikes for the first time in the country.

Bikes with a maximum of 125cm in height or longer should be considered a good size.

The bike-size chart in the report is available for download on the website, with advice to buy a bike with the maximum height of 125 centimetres, a maximum weight of 1.5 kilograms, a wheelbase of 25cm and a seat height of 34cm.

“There are two main reasons why people want to buy bikes with a bigger seat height,” Bikes Australian director of retail, Joe Biermann, said.

A rider may want to purchase a bike that is lighter but has a wider range of options available, such as a carbon fibre frame or a lighter frame, and a range in tyres.

Some people are looking for a bike to go on the road, he said.

“I’ve got one bike, I’m looking for the next, I’ve got a range, I have a range available.

I’m going to buy the bike I’ve had for the last two or three years and I’m going be able to go out and ride and I can feel comfortable with the bike and I will be able go out there and get a bit of fun.

If I can buy the right bike, it’s a fantastic way to go, because I have such a wonderful bike.”

Bikers in Australia can get advice on buying a bike on the site.

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