A bicyclist is being chased by two men after the bike booth he was riding in was vandalized

Bike booth in a bike shop in Chicago was defaced with spray paint.

The graffiti read “Bicycle for Men.”

It all started when a man and a woman were cycling in the bike shop and a young woman was on the bike, police said.

The man and woman got off the bike and went to the nearby bike shop, but when they returned they found that the bike had been spray painted with graffiti and was missing parts, Chicago police said in a news release.

When the woman came back to the shop, she found the bike was missing, according to police.

The woman called the police, who contacted the two men who were seen on the surveillance camera footage.

One of the men said he had been riding a motorcycle with a friend in the same area, and that he saw the bike missing, the release said.

The two men were described as Asian males in their 20s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, about 170 pounds with blond hair and hazel eyes.

They had a tattoo on their right hand that read “Mixed Martial Arts,” police said, and wore dark pants and a white hooded sweatshirt.

Police have not released the names of the two people, and police said they did not have surveillance video from the area.

They were described by police as Hispanic males.

Police said the man is a transient who was not known to the victim, and the woman was not a person of interest.